Neolithic thought process seems to have evolved in some areas of engineering, and if you look hard enough you can still find examples of stunning stupidity on display in many modern engineered designs. I am sure at some point the approximately 2 cents of rubber and the tiny screws mounted into that rubber seemed like a solution to reduce harmonic vibration and high G shocks.
However when that 2 cents of rubber supporting the heavy hard drive based DVR succumbed to the inevitability of gravity and turned a marginal vibration solution on a lab bench into a digital Pinatas getting smacked from side to side until the fragile hard drive platter spinning at about 5000-7000 RPMs crashed. Often other systems are the best argument we can offer for 100% solid State DVRs based on SD card technology. The mini series SD4m is 1/6th the size of the outdated hard drive DVR pictured above and offers 100% Solid State memory. For school bus cameras, digital bus video cameras, vehicle camera, mobile video surveillance systems, digital in-car video camera, in-car camera, bus camera surveillance the best value is 100% Solid State digital like the SD4m or SD4 series.