• School Bus Cameras
    Digital Expert Witness Pupil Transportation Surveillance
    10-Year Camera Warranty Standard
    Lifetime System Warranty Available

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Reseller Pricing & Generic Literature
If you are seeking a relationship, we do offer Reseller Pricing with generic unbranded literature so you may provide to customers and not have our contact info if that is a help.
Confidential Reseller Pricing require:
  • Company name 
  • Company address 
  • Company secured email address 
Confidential Reseller Pricing information is sent to company secured email only.
Use of free email services (like hotmail, gmail, yahoo) is not acceptable for Confidential Reseller Pricing as those providers may require users to agree they may violate privacy of the email contents, sell data to third parties so there can be no expectation of privacy within their email server networks.
Once we know the above information I will provide appropriate discounted proving for the systems.

Digital Mobile Video Solutions Links:

Digital Mobile Video Application Links:

School Bus Child Safety Pupil Surveillance Cameras and Digital Expert Witness Recorders

Armored Vehicle Security Digital Witness Surveillance System

Limousine VIP Executive Transport Surveillance Digital Witness Solution

Taxi Cab Shuttle Transit Onboard Digital Witness Safety Camera

Special Needs Child Transport Wheelchair Lift School Bus Video Observation Camera Solutions

Waste Collection Safety Surveillance Digital Expert Witness Camera

Paratransit Non-Emergency Medical Medicaid Patient Passenger Safety Observation Surveillance

Transportation Ministry Youth Group Activities Church Chaperone Vision Safety Camera System

Stop Arm Violation Camera License Plate Capture HD Solution Crossing Gate Violations

School Bus Seat Cover Vandalism or Transit Bus Seat Cutting or Graffiti

Elderly Day Care Shuttle & Assisted Living Transportation Liability Event Video Evidence Recorder

Alternative School & Juvenile Detention Transportation Cameras

Heavy Duty Forklift Boom, Crane, Pallet Truck Operator Enhanced Vision Safety Camera  Recorder System

Police Prisoner Inmate In-Custody Transport Surveillance Expert Witness Camera

City Metro Transit Bus Passenger Safety Crime Deterrence Video Witness Cameras DVR

CS1 Spotter Yard Swapper 5th Wheel King Pin Trailer Switcher Camera Event Recorder

Forklift Skid Wheel Loader, Order Picker Operator Safety Camera Digital Recorder

Industrial Power Trucks, Forklift & Skid Wheel Loader Operator Safety Impact Recorder

Wireless Tractor, Crane, Mining Equipment or Forklift Battery Magnetic Camera

Wireless Industrial Truck Forklift Blade Mounted Magnetic Camera

Private Service Student Contractor Charter Bus Camera Compliance

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