• School Bus Cameras
    Digital Expert Witness Pupil Transportation Surveillance
    10-Year Camera Warranty Standard
    Lifetime System Warranty Available

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American Bus Video Inc.
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Toll-Free 866.468.8042
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Reseller Pricing & Generic Literature
If you are seeking a relationship, we do offer Reseller Pricing with generic unbranded literature so you may provide to customers and not have our contact info if that is a help.
Confidential Reseller Pricing requires:
  • Company name 
  • Company address 
  • The company secured an email address 
Confidential Reseller Pricing information is sent to company-secured email only.
Use of free email services (like Hotmail, Gmail, yahoo) is not acceptable for Confidential Reseller Pricing as those providers may require users to agree they may violate the privacy of the email contents and sell data to third parties so there can be no expectation of privacy within their email server networks.
Once we know the above information, I will provide appropriately discounted system pricing.

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