Why Invest in School Bus Video Cameras

Why To Invest in School Bus Video Camera Security Surveillance Systems?

When entrusted with the safety of the worlds most precious cargo, can you afford not to have a proven mechanism to document with dispassionate reason what actions or events may have occurred on a government operated or sanctioned pupil transportation vehicle?

The burden of proof in criminal and civil lawsuits can often be satisfied with a simple video clip of the incident by a non-biased expert witness in the form of a scientific recording device.

This is the best choice to prove in court if necessary that behavior of students as well as drivers did not violate existing law or school district policy, and if it did, that you have the evidence to prove this in court if necessary to protect the safety and well being of your student passengers as well as drivers or district from wrongful liability lawsuits?

Below are some of the highlights of hatred, madness, violence and child abuse that American school children are subjected to in order to demonstrate why bus video systems should be on every school bus.

A common question we receive is, “Why to invest in school bus video cameras?”

Above bus video demonstrates how quickly bus violence can escalate into serious events that even a large physically fit male driver have a hard time stopping. The advantages of having a bus video system are when something like this happens, you can try to learn from it, so you may prepare bus drivers in future instances so they may be able to better anticipate this and not open the door to let the others in the first place. The drivers involvement and positive efforts may have helped prevent this from getting to the point where a child's life was lost. My respect for this drivers efforts as he is exercising his authority and trying hard to protect the children in his charge. It is up to the adults; drivers, supervisors, district management and staff to do what is best for the children transported to and taught in our schools, for they are the only hope for a better tomorrow.

The above bus video is of a violent thug assaulting a helpless female driver strapped into her seat just trying to get the kids transported safely. Punks like this should be in cages where they do not endanger the lives of children looking for an education. Decades of coddling these predators has proven a complete waste of time, money and concern for their future, it is time to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

Raw Video: Teen Girl Draws Gun on School Bus
Uploaded by AssociatedPress on Sep 3, 2009
"A school bus security video shows students scurrying to exit after a 14-year-old girl drew a semiautomatic handgun from her backpack in Yazoo City, Miss. Officials say there were 22 students on board the bus, ranging in age from 5-18. (Sept 3)"
In some cases the best a competent, trained and quick thinking bus driver can do is to try to get the children off the bus and away from a clear threat like a gun wielding teenage girl. The fact that there is so little discipline from broken homes and dysfunctional families, so little self respect and for many no hope of a better future, makes the reality of this scenario more common in the future. We are leaving this world to our children, in a much darker state that that which our parents provided us, and in many ways condemning them to despair.

Racial Hatred & Violence
Racial violence and another child victim in that double standard of accountability and political correctness that creates a "Hell on Earth" for so many of our children.
This Atlanta bus video shows not only did students engage in this racial violence and criminal activity, but a parent of one of them also boarded the bus and allegedly choked and tried to kill a child, even threatening to kill her in front of the bus video camera.
The bus driver who is trained, authorized, compensated and entrusted to protect these children and look out for them seemed to do nothing to stop this.
Each morning we send our children into this jungle of hate, violence and apathy and hope for the best....they deserve so much better than what we provide them, as a society we have failed them so miserably.

Bus Video systems are most often installed to record problems and actions by the students, but on occasion a driver variable can create a dangerous situation like what seems to be recorded in this bus video clip. Apparently the driver is drunk, under the influence of some prescription medication or drug. The driver is so out of it the children are trying to tell the driver she has passed the turns, and the driver seems incoherent.
The bus in some scenes is rolling backwards down a hill and the children are yelling put on the brakes, turn off the bus and let them out.

Girl Assaulted On School Bus Over T-Shirt

A teenage girl is beaten on a school bus in Sedalia over a T-shirt. KMBC's Martin Augustine reports.

Student Sex On School Bus - Girl Punished
"A student of Dayton View Academy in Ohio was punished for turning in students who were having sex on a school bus. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss."
The sad reality is some girls are making more on the way to school some days than they do when they are working part time jobs.
A school in an adjoining state found out the hard way that a girl had snuck onto a male team bus for an out of town away game. By the time the bus returned a very large number of the team had engaged in various sexual acts with this underage girl over the several hour trip. The end result we learned was Statutory Rape charges for most of the entire team and shame and humiliation of the district in the public eyes where it was a media feeding frenzy when we arrived on site to install bus video cameras in each bus with night vision cameras to prevent this from happening.
I have learned you cannot stop children from doing really stupid things, but you can certainly insure they will not get away with it, so maybe they are less likely to do so in the first place, by documenting what they do on school property, and that includes the bus.

This level of violent racially motivated hate driven assaults and criminal abuse are not only happening on the "Yellow" buses, and the number of incidents of racial violence are often not being charged as hate crimes.

Hate filled predators and sociopaths are now targeting their victims on public transportation where there is nowhere to run and often none to care.
Racial violence and the double standard of accountability and political correctness that creates a "Hell on Earth" for so many of us.
MLK had a dream, filled with the promise of what could be, and some are turning it into a nightmare, with so few willing to take a stand for the love, tolerance and compassion that MLK was advocating. A great mans vision and legacy is being dishonored on a daily basis.
Transit bus video camera surveillance systems would at least provide documentation of the racial assault that might enable police to apprehend these gutless punks, so they could be held accountable for their hate filled violence.
For less than the cost of this innocent victims medical care, this bus could have a high resolution multi-camera bus video surveillance system in place.

Distracted drivers have a 24 times higher incidence of accidents that those who are not distracted. The additional bus video camera that can now be installed on a bus that faces the driver to document their activities, can provide a constant reminder for the driver to "do the right thing".
MVS now offers a Cell Phone Detection system that alerts the supervisors and Operations Manager as soon as the driver activates their cell phone in the driving seat area.

Special Needs Student Takes Beating From School Bus Aides
"Two Darlington, South Carolina elementary school bus aides Tomeka Self (pictured in blue)and Rosanna Dudley (pictured in white) were arrested and charged with assault and battery for repeatedly striking a 10-year-old special needs child who could not speak. The incident was recorded on camera, reports Carolina Live.
The St. John Elementary School student sat defenselessly in his seat weeping as the ruffians struggled to put on his safety harness. The child never lashed out at the women. The disturbing minute and a half long video shows them hitting the little boy on his body, slapping him on the face, pushing his head down and yelling at him to “hush.”"

Unbelievable, intolerable and inexcusable for this to happen on a school bus, and worse to a special needs child at the hands of 2 representatives of the district who are supposed to be vetted, trained and charged with the safety of these children. The lack of compassion, rough treatment of this small disabled child, would enrage the ASPCA if this were done to an dog or cat. If you do not have the patience and compassion to work with special needs children then do not seek employment at a school system as a driver or assistant. These are all great reasons for why to invest in a school bus video camera.