Mocking the Fashion Police and taunting the judges of "Best Dressed Lists" nationwide. Neil in summer install dress, complete with police issue SWAT vest full of electrical connectors, screws, tools, tape and fasteners. 26 pockets in all, and all full. Note the cordless drill mounted in the "low slung" holster and the stylish rappelling gloves to protect my hands from the common sharp edges of sheet metal. Columbia "river shorts", Danner steel toe boots and Wiley safety glasses complete the disaster. If that were not enough to convince you I spend too much time in buses, hidden from view is the Camel back water supply fitted into the back of the SWAT vest with a straw over my right shoulder. Sounds extreme, but in the summer in GA the measured temps in buses we work on is between 140-154 degrees and parts of Florida are even hotter. We work on the buses in the yard to speed up the installations so there is no shade or electricity for fans.
At least the X-terra still looks good. The X-terra was one of the "1999 Father of The Year" awards from a contest my wife and son entered with an Atlanta radio station. It's like a "truck"........only smaller!