Special Needs Wheelchair School Bus Video Surveillance Systems

Special Needs Bus Surveillance Systems

 "Passive" Special Needs Bus Camera System 

Live View Special Needs Bus Camera System 

Transporting Students with Disabilities requires a higher level of oversight, as their higher level of needs often requires a higher level of documentation to insure that both the passengers and the transporters are supported when necessary by a wide filed of view mobile video system to provide expert witness in case of incident or accident.

 "Passive" Special Needs Bus Video System 

This is the low cost conventional mobile video solution version of a Special Needs Transportation Camera system. Similar in many ways with a school bus camera system with the exception of the number of cameras and locations. In the Special Needs vehicle surveillance application we require additional cameras due to the higher demands placed on the transporter, wheel chair lifts or possibility those transported may have medical issues that require hands on assistance. In these vehicles it is a good idea to dedicate a camera to each area of interest, Driver stairwell, Lift door, wheelchair stations and general overview of the bus passengers. 

The 100% solid State mobile DVR is secured in a steel locking enclosure, to protect the SD memory card from driver tampering and criminal assaults. Optional DVR Vaults are available with heavy 14 gauge steel to completely enclose the DVR and all connections from driver access or criminal assault. This version provides high resolution images and long record memory storage on a 100% solid state SDXC card of up to 128 GB for 60-800 hours of video recording storage depending on the number of cameras and settings. Wi-Fi capable with backend Client software that permits Automated Data Download as long as your in house network administrator is capable of install, setup and maintenance for system.


  • Very low cost conventional mobile video vehicle camera system
  • Secure Memory storage with locking steel cage
  • 4-Channels support 4 high resolution cameras
  • 4-channels of Audio


  • Not Live View
  • No Dangerous Driver Behavior Documented

SD4mX Mini Series of Special Needs Transportation Camera System 

Bus Video Surveillance Camera System Pricing Below includes:
Solid State SD4mX Bus Video DVR with power & A/V/P Cable adapter, I/O Triggers Display & Alarm, locking steel security case, built in 3-Axis Accelerometer (G-Sensor) Software included, Pricing dependent on quantity & terms, request quote for more info.

SD4mX-1 ...1-Camera Student with Special Needs Transit Camera Pupil Transit Camera System $650 - $750
…2-Camera Student with Special Needs Transit Camera Pupil Transit Camera System$750 - $850
…3-Camera Pupil Transportation Wheelchair School Bus Student Surveillance Camera  $850 - $950
 …4-Camera Pupil Transportation Wheelchair School Bus Student Surveillance Camera s $950 - $1,050

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