School Bus Bully Alarm Security Camera Surveillance

School Bus Bullying Security Camera Surveillance

“The worlds most precious cargo is transported in school buses”.

Bullies & Bullying on a School Bus (The Problem)

Juvenile violence of Bullying involving assault and battery on school buses spans the child education pupil transportation market and can be found in all sectors of the student transportation industry:

  • Public School Bus bullying and Juvenile Bully Violence
  • Public Charter School Bus bullying and Juvenile Bully Violence
  • Public Alternative School Bus bullying and Juvenile Bully Violence
  • Private School Bus bullying and Child on Child Abuse
  • Charter School Bus bullying and Child on Child Abuse
  • Christian School Bus bullying and Child Bullies Violence
  • Contractor School Bus bullying and Child Bullies Violence

The numbers demonstrate a school bus bully problem of epidemic proportions:
12 Million Children Experience Bus Bullying Daily.~Kameron Institute

According to the National Association of School Psychologists:
"In the United States, about 160,000 children miss school every day for fear of being bullied." 

Aside from the physical abuse and mental devastation to children who were trusted by their parents to be transported safely to and from the schools, there is collateral damages inflicted upon the schools of a financial nature as a portion of school funding may be based upon student attendance daily to qualify, so in effect the schools may be losing funding they would have qualified for had the students not been afraid to ride the school buses in fear of bullies on their school buses and juvenile bullying child on child violence.

School Bus bullies, not only terrorize the child victims of school bus bullying, they cost the schools funding not to mention the public relations problems when yellow bus bullies abuse and violence rises to the level a child is physically injured, crippled and may resort to suicide due to long term continued bully violent behavior on a school bus that was reported, documented and the school system or charter bus operator failed to effectively address and stop.

School district administration may be hesitant to take any action on information from children or parents for fear of repercussions, so many delay effective action that can resolve the problem of reported school bus bullies. Taking action often means accepting responsibility for that action, and in a culture of litigation with a starving liability attorney hiding under every rock just waiting for a well funded easy target like a school district, many administrators may tolerate child reports of violence on the school bus by bullies until there is a report or adult witnessed event that can be relied upon to base a decisive action.

Deadly Effects of School Bus Bullying

The incidence of Child Bullying on school buses presents a serious threat to the physical safety and mental development of child bully victims as well as a liability nightmare for school districts and bus contract services due to the risk of acts of juvenile violence being perpetrated and reported on their buses. 

  • Yale University studies report  “Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims”.
  • A study in Britain found that at least "half of suicides among young people are related to bullying".

While the intellectual curiosity on “Why bullies do it” may be a worthwhile mental calisthenic that might provide insight on how to prevent the creation of new bullies in the future, a more valuable exercise to those suffering daily abuse would be the focus of support and immediate assistance to those actually victimized and terrorized by bullies on school buses that may be in a living Hell everyday and may be contemplating ending the pain in some tragic way.  

Bullies & Bullying,  School Bus Security Cameras (A Solution)

School Bus Bullies documentation and prevention on school buses generally falls into 2 categories mainly based on the purchasing department considerations or built in restrictions of many public school municipalities; not to commit to any product that places a financial restriction on future budgets. This financial consideration excludes cellular from consideration by many school district anti-bully prevention camera security surveillance systems.

  • Public School Bus Bully Security Camera 
  • Public Charter School Bus Bully Security Camera
  • Public Alternative School Bus Bully Security Camera
  • Private School Bully-Free Bus Live View Bully Security Camera
  • Charter School Bully-Free Bus Live View Bully Security Camera
  • Christian School Bus Anti-Bully Live View Bullying Prevention Security Camera
  • Contractor School Bus Anti-Bully Live View Bullying Prevention Security Camera

Effective Action Followup

Documentation of bullying or any physical act on a school bus is the first step. Effective Action Followup demonstrates the resolve of administration or management to address the problem, isolate the offenders by suspension of bus privileges or eliminate the problem via expulsion. Those serious about ending or at least reducing the problems caused by bullying on school buses must have the conviction in their beliefs that they are doing the right thing to protect the victims and the commitment to follow through with effective action to call attention to the problem and take the appropriate steps to resolve or at least proven it from further problems.

When school bus bullies and bullying is viewed through the prism of a Rule of Law perspective, society has a well defined means to handle criminal actions of assault and battery. An individual of sound mind is expected to be be accountable for their actions, as their actions are the direct result of their free will and their choices.  While children are not held to the same standards as adults with regard to law, the legal framework is still applicable, juveniles are still prosecuted as adults in some instances and dangerous behavior is often open for interruption by a Law Enforcement and District Attorney to determine if it rises to a juvenile criminal offense.

Dangerous bullying behaviors or children engaging in juvenile criminal acts upon other children must be dealt with in a way that prevents innocent children from the continued and often escalation of verbal to physical abuse and juvenile criminal acts. Separation of problem children is a proven way to protect the innocent from their abusers in a school bus bullying situation until a better solution can be achieved. It is a violation of law to assault another person, to physically beat another person into submission (battery).  Children make mistakes and that is to be expected as part of their development, but continued juvenile criminal acts and violent actions against others should neither be excused nor tolerated.  Those who tolerate bullying, child on child violence, abuse by other children under their supervision and care are enabling those activities and by their complicit refusal to act to try to stop the violence, condoning the violence upon children in their charge abdicating their responsibilities of oversight and protection of the children entrusted to them.

There is a reason police incorporate video surveillance camera systems into their cars and into their new officer mounted systems, because without any witness explanation you can see and hear what happened with your own eyes. “Seeing is believing” and nothing confirms testimony or moves a jury to a decision like live video evidence.  Mobile video system video evidence is accepted in many courts as “expert witness” both verifiable and unbiased.

In 25 years of Fleet Driver Risk management I have witnessed video evidence acts of violence from school bus video security surveillance camera systems that were both savage, predatory and without a shred of humanity. The only thing worse than the abuse at the hands of the child bully criminals was learning that the school system who invested in our School Bus Video Surveillance systems had documented exactly what they purchased the system for and after documenting the horrific abuse of someones child at the hands of violent bullying punks did not use the video evidence to address the problem, to protect the victim, to suspend the juvenile involved, nor remove them from the bus permanently until a better solution could be provided.

It is very satisfying to hear of successful juvenile bully problems documented by our camera systems and resolved or litigated to protect the children victimized by the bullies. Conversely, it is simply maddening to provide the school or charter carrier with the tools to document the  juvenile bully assaults and then hear they will not separate the bullies from the other children, not suspend them from the bus, not make their parents aware of the problems, not contact the authorities, not take any action to stop the offensive behavior….it is simply snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Working with those who are not going to take effective action to stop bullying on school buses, when video evidence is provided, may take time way from school districts or charter carriers who are actually serious about protecting children and stopping bullying abuse on their buses.

If you are interested in the safety of children riding your buses but will not take effective action to at least separate the bullies and protect those innocent victimized children at risk, or at best remove the juvenile bullies from your school buses so they cannot infect other children with their Neolithic aggressive bullying actions, then investments in mobile video surveillance systems are a waste of tax payer funding that could be better invested in other areas of Education.

An investment in School Bus Anti-Bully Prevention Security Camera systems can provide verifiable documentation should accusations of school bus bullying arise during student transportation.  In a current culture infested with depravity, juvenile assault and battery, the likelihood of bullying inflicting relentless physical and mental abuse upon other children is a serious problem that requires action. It requires follow though actions to prevent further abuse to identified and violated child victims as well as possible disciplinary actions and or intervention with law enforcement agencies to determine if the activities and actions are prosecutable in juvenile courts. It is the responsibility of every child transportation service to provide safe professional transportation for children to and from school. 

“The worlds most valuable cargo is transported in school buses”.

School Bus Bully Alarm / Child Bullying Distress Indicator

School bus bully alarm Child Bullying Distress Indicator for pupil transportation child safety bully prevention and alert

This is a device that can be activated by students or child passengers in a school bus, day care bus, Pre K bus as well as church activities bus when they feel threatened or intimidated to not only call attention to the incident by the bus driver and others in the bus but trigger an event recording feature within the school bus camera surveillance system for later review by school, organization or company administrators.

School Bus Bully Alarm is a small device that emits a very loud sonic audible warble alert similar to ambulance sirens, as well as a bright LED strobe flashing light. It is extremely loud to overcome the high environmental noise often found in a school bus operation. The intended location is the rear wall near the roofline on the bus, so all can see the lights flashing and hear the audible alarm. Placement too close to the driver may start them if they are not aware the device is in the vehicle.

Due to its standalone configuration, it can be used alone or in conjunction with a mobile video camera system in the school bus. Depending on the wiring preferences, it is possible to have up to 100 remote triggers or student panic buttons, to provide access to all in the bus. 

It will be up to the school district or user to determine if warning indicator decals may be required to provide driver notification the alarm is in the vehicle so they will have pre warning of what the alarm indicates when it is triggered. Driver training on what actions to take should the alarm be triggered will again be up to the school district or user to determine.

In light of the similarities between a school fire alarm and the School Bus Bully Alarm as a public alarm of a perceived threat or possible emergency there will be those who will trigger them when no threat or emergency exists. It would be wise to anticipate this problematic behavior by associating that bad behavior with a consequence to help deter those who might act in an inappropriate manor.

School Bus Bully Alarm aka Child Bullying Distress Indicator now available from American Bus Video.

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